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09-Oct-2017 23:16

She paid £225 for a phoneline for him, and was called by a man with an American accent every day.

An email from “Sgt Smith” read: “I can’t help being madly in love with you.

I have met and communicated with so many pleasant, interesting and attractive ladies over the past few months.

Last night divorcee Miss Roberts said: “Aside from the money, I’ve lost the love of my life.After their encounter the pair have agreed to meet up again next week.Mr Griffiths, 48, told the Mail Online: 'Last night I was out in Victoria with some friends of mine and I got on the tube.'About ten minutes later, three women got on to my carriage on the Central Line and one blonde woman sat opposite me.'She did a double take and said "I know you", and I thought she recognised me from my presenting work as I present a shopping channel and have done some work for Channel 5.'But then she said "Howard?" and I thought "No, it can't be" and then said "Brigette?

" and it was her.'We both told each other that we haven't changed.Despite having a good time, the pair's budding relationship then 'fizzled out'.